the collective

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the pink peacock operates with a non-hierarchical structure. there are no owners, bosses or managers: the café is governed exclusively by its workers and community members, and every decision is made by consensus.

the café is a community interest company (CIC), meaning that its assets are owned collectively by the community rather than by the collective or anyone else.

every member of the collective is volunteering while we work to make it financially sustainable.

collective members

the collective currently has 16 members. not all of our collective are pictured below, at their request, for their safety and privacy.

the majority of our collective are queer, trans, women &/or non-binary, disabled, neurodivergent, white, and low-income. you can see more about the collective’s makeup on our diversity monitoring analysis spreadsheet. we update this once a year, so it does not necessarily reflect the collective at this moment.



bracken is an autistic and non-binary baker, dancer and massage therapist. they believe in feeding people as an act of radical politics, creating the kind of comfort and community that fires the political imagination — “what if everything could be this simple?”. most evenings you’ll hear them cracking jokes in the kitchen and clattering freshly-boiled bagels down on the cooling racks. their favourite café soundtrack is old blues standards, they have fervently-held opinions about hemp textiles and they personally recommend the roast garlic and sea-salt bagels.

bracken has been a member of the collective since 5782/2022.



“when as a teenager i first read the phrase ‘from each according to their ability, to each according to their needs’, it articulated my thoughts and feelings of what was right. my ideas for and work with the pink peacock are a continuation of that.”

christopher has been a member of the collective since 5781/2020.

hugh colyer


hugh is an anarchist cis gay goy from france via london, who discovered the café through one of the events we host and instantly fell in love with the food, ethos and décor. his current projects include improving both his bagel game and his yiddish, whilst working on his ultimate secret mission of increasing the amount of french-language music on the café playlist.

hugh has been a member of the collective since 5782/2022.



iffat is a muslim south asian woman of colour and a glaswegian. she graduated in applied psychology, and her interests include decolonising mental health and wellbeing, and she is all for reclaiming one’s ethnic and cultural identity and roots while having to grow up in an inherently racist society. she is a henna artist of 7+ years (check out her instagram), and is passionate about the preservation of the ancient art form and its many benefits. as someone who’s lived in the southside all her life, she believes in supporting and advocating for an equitable life for all marginalised groups, and the cultural value of sharing food and feeding your community and neighbours.

iffat has been a member of the collective since 5783/2022.

joe isaac


joe is a bi jew anarchist girl from yorkshire living in the big apple (glasgow). raised with a chef for a dad, joe is one of our baygel and bread bakers with a love for different jewish recipies and a deeper love for oil, garlic, and salt. she’s also a folk musician, and the official pink peacock pokémon expert.

her music can be found here on bandcamp.

joe co-founded the café in 5780/2020.

k’nymf “knarthoptol”


k’nymf is a female/non-binary intersex woman, demisexual with ADHD, blood witch, and chaos and energy incarnate. at the café she bakes, cooks and does front of house. it believes that kindness is the base level of how we should treat each other and that the basic necessities of life should not cost money.

k’nymf has been a member of the collective since 5782/2022.

mallaidh caitlín nig-uidhir


mallaidh is an irish bisexual non-binary sex-worker and the tallest person you’re likely to encounter. it is sporadically disastrous and consistently drowning between its irregular and short lasting attempts to resurface in a deep pond of viscous depression infused waters. it’s managed to acquire a degree in computer science and is in the long and arduous process (to get a good job) of trying to claw its way through an anxiety inducing thicket of trauma brought on by an intensely stressful dissertation where it went a bit mad.

in person mallaidh is likely to present itself as a bit spaced and somewhat lost or intimidating and uninterested if you come across it whilst its out somewhere as an intentional attempt to evade conversation as it has an inability to filter sound in noisy environments and communicate effectively, thus opting for a mysterious and aloof persona. mallaidh struggles with eating enough food and drinking water, it enjoys cycling, lifting of weights and ill-judged adventures.

mallaidh has been a member of the collective since 5782/2022.

miles grant


“glasgow deserves a lot of things it doesn’t currently have, but a no-questions-asked free food and non-alcoholic jewish space is high on the list. i’m from new york city so know the value of a bagel — and it’s not monetary. pay-what-you-can food isn’t just about providing food but doing so in a comfortable, empathetic manner, with no less dignity than commodified food.”

miles has been a member of the collective since 5781/2021.

morgan lev edward holleb


morgan is an autistic bisexual non-binary jewish anarchist. his background is in queer healthcare advocacy, supporting survivors of sexual violence, education on trans issues, and sex work. he’s from the so-called US and now he lives in glasgow. he likes star trek, food justice, and tending to his 100,000 plants.

he’s an author (link to his book) and a musician (link to his bandcamp). you can read more about him on his website.

morgan co-founded the café in 5780/2020.



orla is a bi twenty-something artist/writer from glasgow’s southside, who can usually be found reading or walking in the park looking at flowers. she loves birdwatching, stargazing, herbal tea and cake of all kinds.

orla has been a member of the collective since 5782/2022.



ru believes that anarchism is urgently needed, and that non-hierarchical groups of people can achieve important and beautiful things that the state & capitalism will not. she is queer, writes stuff, and is good at making bagel toppings look real pretty. pink peacock is a healing and joyful anti-fascist paradise of people that nourishes her, and for that she is thankful. <3

ru has been a member of the collective since 5782/2022.

stacey holleb


stacey is a non-binary bisexual living on stolen land in the usa. she helps at the café however and whenever needed, either remotely or in person when visiting the “rainy fascist island”. you’ll often find them as a chat mod on video events or sitting at a café table, computer in hand, updating spreadsheets or organizing emails. it seems they are a café geek! he is a witchy jew and does spell work to demolish capitalism and the patriarchy, and to rid our planet of profit motives and borders. they are so very proud of the collective and the “good trouble” that it creates and encourages.

back home, she delivers hygiene products, clothing, hand warmers, and blankets to the un-housed, sets up and stocks free fridges, assists trans youths, and works with local mutual aid networks. café favorites are babka (chocolate!), garlic baygls, roasted veggies, salads and soups — actually never had anything that wasn’t amazing!

stacey has been a member of the collective since 5782/2022.