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donate food to the 24/7 free fridge
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we’re not currently hiring — in fact everyone involved in the café is volunteering their time until the peacock is on a more secure footing. when we do start hiring, we’ll post about it here, at the café, and on our social media.


the café is seeing more people and serving more food. because we use a pay-what-you-can model, this doesn’t translate to more income for us, which is why we’re calling for volunteers to meet demand.

we’re looking for people who want to donate their time to support the café. right now we need on-site volunteers, not remote. if you want to volunteer, please email us ( or stop by and have a chat!

host an event

if you have a queer, yiddish, jewish, anarchist, and/or community event you want to host via us, please get in touch!

if you’d like to use the café space, send us an email ( about what you’d like to do, when, and your budget (if you have one).

at the moment, these are the guidelines which we strongly suggest, but which are at your discretion:

  • either:
    • everyone wears a masks, or
    • everyone takes a lateral flow test on the day of the event
  • everyone keeps 2 meters distance
  • the doors remain open for ventilation

donate food to the 24/7 free fridge

what can i donate?


  • unopened store-bought food
  • all food must have clear labels with ingredients and the expiration date
  • no leftovers or home-cooked food
  • no meat (for food safety)
  • nothing rotten or over-expired

other stuff:

  • water bottles
  • nappies
  • menstrual products
  • masks


  • do not leave items on the ground. if the fridge is full, try coming back the next day
  • do not donate alcohol or drugs

see instructions for fridge donations here in english, ייִדיש (yiddish), عَرَبِيّ (arabic), বাংলা (bangla), čeština (czech), español (spanish), فارسی (farsi), gàidhlig (gaelic), हिन्दी (hindi), limba română (romanian), polskie (polish), scots, and in images.

donate skills and stuff

here’s a spreadsheet of the skills and things we need right now. if you can donate any of these things, please email us:

donate money

there a few ways you can support us with money:

patreon (monthly donations)
paypal (one-off, or reoccurring)
buy things from our online shop